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Brad Tiger

Brad Tiger is highly skilled in most tattoo styles and is renowned for his expertise in creating stunning Horimono Japanese tattoos.

Brad Schlinke Owner of Flying Tiger Tattoo

Brad Tiger, owner and Master Tattooist of Flying Tiger has been tattooing in Austin since 1990. He spent much of the 90s on 6ht Street working at the Notorious Ed's Underground Tattoo and River City Tattoo. He finally settled in at Atomic Tattoo in 2010 and worked as an artist and then manager at the 183 location.

In 2022, it was time to venture out on his own, and he started Flying Tiger Tattoo as a neighborhood shop only a couple of miles from his house where he and his wife Kim have lived for 27 years. He's seen many changes and many characters come and go in Austin, but he knows tattooing is in our blood. You can email or call to book with him.

Brad Tiger Profile
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Text: 512-905-0634

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