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tattoo artist's ink tray in background.

Our skilled Team of Tattoo Artists
We do walk-In tattoos every day!

 At Flying Tiger Tattoo, we are dedicated to crafting tattoos that truly represent our clients' personalities. Our team of expert artists brings an extraordinary level of talent and experience to the studio. With over 55 years of combined professional tattooing experience, including the seasoned expertise of Brad Tiger and Jeramie Chittick, along with the fresh perspectives of up-and-coming artist Riley and our two skilled apprentices, we guarantee that you'll discover the perfect tattoo to bring your vision to life.

We believe in creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our clients and strive to make sure every experience is one to remember. 


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Breanna Boone tattoo artist
Jeramie Chittick tattoo artist
Artzu art by Riley Beveridge
Tattoo apprentice Sam
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